Originally a For Sale By Owner

06/27/2015 – trinity graphics4

We had an interesting experience with selling our house. My husband was sure we didn’t need a realtor and insisted on listing the house ourselves. We spent several hundred dollars on a photographer, signs and paying for the ads. The only calls we got were from realtors wanting us to list with them. We didn’t have one showing in 2 months. We finally listed with Debbie.

She sat down and went through each step of what to expect, showed us comps to determine listing price and helped us determine what repairs and updates were needed. Then she recommended qualified people at good prices to do the work. Again, my husband insisted our house should list for higher than what Debbie recommended.

Again, we did what he wanted for 60 days. Afterward, we did a few updates, which she helped with and lowered the price to her suggested price. The house sold in less than a week. We actually got 2 offers on the same day. They bid against each other and we received full asking price.

Once the inspection was done, she negotiated with the buyer so the cost of needed repairs were split and then scheduled the repairmen. It closed without a hitch, on schedule. I could not be more pleased with her work and the effort she put in.

— Cari & Mike Collins